One Piece Episode 946 Release Date, Spoilers and More Information

One Piece 946

One Piece Episode 946: It  is based on a Manga series. It is a Japanese animated series by Elichiro Oda. The plot revolves around Monkey D. Luffy.

Release Date

Episode 946 of One Piece is all set to make a release on 18th October, 2020 i.e. Sunday. And the time will be 9:30 AM JST ( Japan Time Zone). Every Sunday a new episode Is released. Also if you want to watch the episode on time, then change your time zone to JST.

What happened in episode 945?

The episode 945 begins with Big mom giving a whack of smack to the Queen. She sends him flying and the wall of Udon gets destroyed in all of this. Captain Kid and his friend was saved from. Both of them was about to drown. Queen transforms him back to his normal one after being beaten. Big Mom smells the Red Bean Soup. Caribou stole the Boss Snails for the signal not to be transported at Udon.

One Piece 946

She fell in love with the pot when she wants to eat she find out that it is empty. Big Mom throws the pot at Luffy’s face nad he punched it away. Luffy being smelled by Big Mom and after which he smells like Red Bean Soup and she started attacking Luffy.

Luffy said something to Big Mom to wait. To which bIg mom replied who is Big Mom and who is Lucy. Luffy is happy that he broke the collars and asks Hyogo what did he do. Hyogoro is just shocked and Luffy told him to run away Hyogo stands in front of Big Mom. After which he calls Lucy so that he can protect him with his powers.


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